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SMILE! It’s the “Healthy Teeth” Campaign at the Pre-schools

Dental care and hygiene is such a regular habit and part of our daily lives, and one that we naturally inculcate in our children too. However, for the kids at Mahawong and Prakkasamai, teaching the importance of healthy teeth and daily brushing is vital to their well-being. Especially since in many of these underprivileged families, spending on what we consider to be basic necessities like toothbrushes and toothpaste are not on their priority list of expenditure. Neither is proper dental care.

Which is why our welfare activity and healthy teeth campaign in June was an important one. And enjoyable too, as we incorporated some fun dental craft that had the kids flashing their smiles!

As part of our campaign, Dental Nurses from The Ministry of Health, Samrong were invited to both the schools. They took the time to carefully check all the children’s teeth, showed them the proper way to brush, clean and look after their teeth.

The craft this month was simple, but the kids enjoyed it. Each of them was given a large printed drawing of a tooth – on which they had to stick fluffy white cotton balls, and then add their creative touches (which they love to do!) using crayons to colour in the tooth and a toothbrush.

After that, we distributed to each one of them a dental kit containing a toothbrush and toothpaste. A very big thank you to Poonam Khoobchandani who generously donated a significant quantity of dental packs. And to all of you who contributed toothbrushes or dental kits.

At the end of the activity, the kids all happily showed off their happy teeth. Reason enough to smile!

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