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Community Projects


SILC is proud to support several projects that benefit both the local community and those in more rural areas of Thailand:

FORDEC (Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family)


The foundation was formed on February 14, 1998, St. Valentine's Day to realize and extend Love symbolized by St. Valentine and transformed into action to bring about the material and spiritual needs to all distressed to uplift their living conditions in human dignity. The word "Dec" in Thai means "child". So "FORDEC" means "For the sake of a child" The Foundation has taken the motto: "One's love and concern; for all distressed". 

SILC actively supports Mahawong Pre-school, located in the Samut Prakarn area. We provide to 5 and 6 year old pupils weekly English lessons and monthly craft activities in support of the English program content, staffed by our volunteers, offering the children both fun and learning opportunities. 

In addition there is the Healthy Teeth campaign providing toothbrushes & paste plus advice from dental professionals, Healthy Eating program with additional monthly food deliveries (rice, fruit, oil, milk, etc) and our annual Christmas Big Give, with a party and a goody bag for all the children.  

Parallel we have child sponsorships, we currently sponsor 2 teenagers who would otherwise be unable to continue their education, covering tuition fees, uniforms, transport, educational activities and lunch. Individual members also sponsor younger children.

Visit FORDEC's website to find out more.

The Mercy Centre

The Mercy Centre works to help the children and communities of the many slums of Bangkok. Together with their neighbors in the slums, they create simple-but-progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day.

SILC visits the Prakkasamai Pre-school on a monthly basis to carry out the same craft activities, Healthy Teeth campaign and Christmas Big Give party as at Mahawong.  On a slightly smaller scale, Prakkasamai has 120 children.

Visit The Mercy Centre's website to find out more.

Oil Run

Twice a month we deliver bottle of oil to the elderly people that live in the Klong Toei Slum. There are 110 persons benefiting right now with the program. 

Immigration Detention Center (IDC)

People (often refugees and asylum seekers) who are in Thailand illegally and either can’t afford or don’t want to return to their country, are detained indefinitely.

Conditions are tough, with around 1000 detainees far from home and separated from their families.

The team leader of community team visits  the IDC most mornings. The more volunteers that come, the more detainees we can give the  opportunity to get out of their cell and into the visitors hall. If two visitors visit two members of a family on the same day, then those who are separated by gender can be reunited for a while.

We serve as their connection to the world and bring to them fresh food & various necessities for the detainees in most need (incl.  toiletries & dry food)

Camilian Homes

A residential and day care facility in Latkrabang for children with disabilities. It depends almost entirely on donations. SILC’s financial donation has provided much needed everyday items like diapers, rice, oil  and milk. They often looks for volunteers.


Courageous Kitchen.png

Fatima Center

Part of the Good Shepherd Sisters of Thailand is a non-profit organization providing opportunities for women and young girls at risk in the community to break the cycle of poverty.

SILC has donated an oven to allow the centre to provide baking classes, and a new source of income for the ladies there. One of our volunteer member has started to provide weekly baking sessions.



Courageous Kitchen

Courageous Kitchen is an NGO which helps educate and offer a safe place for refugee children. Their motto is  ‘Leaders in the kitchen are leaders in the Community’.

SILC is sponsoring 3 months of cooking classes and English classes to help the refugee teenagers learn a trade and keep themselves healthy.

How can I help or find out more? Visit or speak to the Community Team

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