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Lotus Crystal Factory Tour

This week we travelled to Rayong to visit the Lotus Crystal Factory and found out how grains of sand become crystal glassware for our much loved bubbles and spirits.

SILC Ladies at Lotus Crystal

We were taken on a tour of the factory and traced the process from the fine Belgian sand, through the melting process at 1400 Deg C, on to the men collecting the molten glass on long steel rods and shaping it by blowing through the rods, then onto the factory floor after the forming process. The master engravers sit in one long building at their own bench, each one adding their specific skill to the glass.

Then, of course, onto the shopping part in the factory shop - the part that us SILC ladies excel at!

The factory shop was very well stocked with discounted glassware and we managed to get quite a few pieces of it into the trunk of the minibus!

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