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Sourdough Breadmaking Class

Being quite new to Bangkok I have been signing up for many of the SILC activities. When I saw the sour dough making class with Tanya, I thought it was an opportunity to learn something new and am very glad I did so.

At the workshop I attended, there were five other women and Tanya shared her extensive knowledge and passion for sour dough making with us. We were taken through all the stages of making the bread, learned that sour dough is a healthier option than ordinary bread, and that a ‘starter’ is not only a first course in a meal!

During the morning Tanya also offered us her homemade fermented passion fruit drink, which was delicious. At the end of the workshop, we all sat down to a healthy lunch of homemade cream cheese, sprouted lentil soup, salad and an assortment of sour dough breads made by Tanya herself. Conversation was flowing and I’d like to thank Rachel for nominating me to write this article and inspiring me to give up dairy in my coffee.

The workshop exceeded my expectations and I’ll definitely be looking out for future workshops with Tanya in the New Year!

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