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Dear SILC members,

As you are aware, we held our AGM earlier today. Sadly, we had no volunteers for the main officer positions which means that the procedure to call an EGM will be actioned. The following procedures will apply, which are in line with our Constitution and have been agreed by all attendees.

We will give 1 week grace for a new committee to be formed and invite nominations for the positions of Chair,Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Chair. These and all other positions are open to all members.The closing date for nominations for Officer positions will be THURSDAY MAY 4TH, 10am. Please send your nominations to

In the event that we still have no officers on May 4th, we will then begin our wind- down procedure. The out-going committee will meet and discuss proposals for dispersal of funds. Members will then be asked to vote for dissolution by means of an electronic vote, as agreed in our constitutional amendment voted in by all attendees at the AGM. These amendments were shared to all members prior to the AGM.

Thank you,

The Out-going Committee

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