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SILC Tour to PB Valley Khao Yai Winery

What a wonderful day we picked for our day trip to Khao Yai Winery approx. 2- 2.5 hours Northeast of Bangkok.

We were a group of 22 women which included (Carla’s parents) and we were all very excited to be travelling to the hills of PB vineyard on the edge of Khao Yai National Park. All our prayers were answered, winter had finally arrived in Bangkok with the lovely low temperature that morning.

We departed True Coffee approximately 7.45 and arrived three hours later (a little later than planned) shortly after 11am. We received a very warm welcome from the staff at the Great Hornbill Grill (restaurant on the PB site) with a hot coffee/tea, most welcoming on this cool morning with temperatures we were not use to and some of us not properly equipped for.

The Vineyard manger then accompanied us on a guided tour of the vineyard on their open top bus. On board we were given a terrific insight into the grape varieties and other fruits grown alongside. The landscape was a welcoming sight from the high rises of Bangkok.

From there we continued into the winery where we saw first-hand the production of wine. Following on with wine tasting Rose, Shiraz and Chenin Blanc. I preferred the white - quite palatable, some preferred the rose and smaller numbers on the red. Needless to say we were quite chatty after this and had to be dragged out of the area.

By 1pm we more than ready for our lunch and were served a selection of thai dishes Pork salad, vegetables stir fry, chicken wings, soup and assorted seasonal fruit in the Great Hornbill Grill which was accompanied by a nice glass of Chenin Blanc.

We ended the trip with some shopping at the Wine & Souvenir shop where I purchased scrumptious Passion Fruit jam.

All in all a terrific day our with my Silc buddies. Thanks to Carla and Jimmy for arranging another memorable day out.

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