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Healthy Coffee Morning for 2018

The first coffee morning of 2018 appealed to anyone with a New Year resolution to eat more healthily.

Chris from Raw & Honest gave a great talk on juices to an enthusiastic group of SILC ladies, and one very friendly cat!

Details of how to order and get a great discount are at the bottom of this post.

Links to Raw & Honest website are below, follow these instructions to get your special SILC discount:

Your members will be able to get 2x 10% discounts, the first code is activated by adding our LineID (found at the bottom of our home page) and the second code is active by adding the code “SILC10” Both codes can work together, and are at the top of the shopping cart on checkout.

Important note*** Because we only deliver to BKK, there might be a chance that when they enter their postcode into our website it says no delivery available – however they can simply type “10110” and in the notes section give me their real postcode – And I will make sure its delivered! - free interactive and fun guide about getting the most from a cleanse

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